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The Briarlake Community Forest Alliance (BCFA) is a Georgia non-profit corporation formed to educate and inform citizens about the environmental benefits of the forest at the intersection of Briarlake Road and Amberwood Drive in DeKalb County, Georgia, and the potential negative consequences of the proposed rezoning and development of the property.

Our current mission is to provide a voice for the diverse flora and fauna that exist in this forest and the human beings in the community who desire their continued undisturbed existence. The forest is a quiet haven that nurtures all who live in or around it. As beneficiaries of its life-giving energy, we feel an obligation to do all we can to protect it from the pressures of encroaching residential development.

Our actions proceed from a deep conviction that doing the right thing is the key to achieving and maintaining an excellent quality of life. We encourage each other to stand up for the good of this community. We challenge each other to do better and constantly improve. We sharpen our problem-solving skills daily to better serve the community.

The BCFA board currently has eight volunteer members from the four contiguous neighborhoods surrounding the property and from two neighborhoods potentially receiving adverse effects should development occur on the property. We have received financial support from a total of twelve neighborhoods in the surrounding area that would likely experience adverse effects from development.

We believe that the collective wisdom of the people in our area should be the source of any design for this property, and that a process to articulate that collective wisdom is needed to protect our quality of life.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Debora Burger

    I attended the EcoAddendum walk on Feb 11 with Kathryn Kolb and it was wonderful. Thank you so much for having this. I was referred to you by Laurie Marion and am so happy that this area has been preserved for residents of Atlanta.

    I am a former resident and employee of the United Methodist Children’s Home in Decatur. Neighbors and alumni are fighting the development of the 77 acre property following the board’s vote to sell the land that has housed the agency since 1873. Seeing what has been done with your park gives us hope. Thank you for your advocacy and work to preserve an important natural area in the midst of ever growing metro Atlanta landscape.

    Debora Burger


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