Dekalb County Commission Votes to Purchase the Briarlake Forest


On Friday the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously in favor of a proposal number H8 for “Purchase of property, real estate acquisition number 05-18-10.2, at 3330, 2880, and 2969 Briarlake Road for the appraised value of $9,847,000 Districts 2 and 7.”

The regular Board of Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, February 24, was re-convened on Friday, February 27, to address certain items including the 2015 Budget. Commissioner Jeff Rader moved to add an item to the agenda, namely item number H8 for the purchase of the property. The motion was seconded, and the board voted in favor of adding the item.

Commissioner Sharon Barnes of District 4 asked for clarification of some details of the purchase, including procedural requirements that could be addressed by the Legal Department. A motion was made to address Commissioner Barnes’s questions in an Executive Session, the motion was seconded and carried, and the Commissioners recessed for a closed Executive Session to address her concerns.

The Commissioners returned from the Executive Session, a motion was made to come out of Executive Session, seconded and carried.

Item H8 having already been moved and seconded, the Board of Commissioners then voted and the motion carried 6-0 with no abstentions.

A video recording of the meeting can be viewed on the DCTV website.

3 thoughts on “Dekalb County Commission Votes to Purchase the Briarlake Forest

  1. Susan Gouinlock

    Great effort from this organization! Thank you for preserving the forest that is such an important and unique feature of our neighborhood!

  2. Lisa Patrick

    What fabulous news!!! I am so thrilled! My thanks to everyone who helped make this happen. I can’t wait for those plastic tree ribbons to vanish.

    Should we ask people on this list to send thanks to Jeff Rader? I imagine there will be more discussion about how the tract will be managed. Please keep us posted. Thank you.

  3. Mrs. Anne Tolleson

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! There are so few beautiful wooded areas left in Atlanta with development encroaching on every square inch that you are to be applauded for seeing the great value in preserving nature for people to enjoy. I’m not a tree hugger but the pleasure I get from looking at the natural beauty around me is something that I believe is inherent in all of us and lifts our spirits.


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