It’s Official! Briarlake Forest is Public Greenspace

We have received official word from the DeKalb County Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Affairs that the purchase of the Cathey property (all 21 acres) has closed.

The Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Affairs has reached out to BCFA to assist with the formation of a “Friends of the Park” group to help the department with planning, improvements and maintenance of the park. One of the first items mentioned by the department as a priority is naming the park.

We look forward to the process of discovering the thoughts and feelings of people in this community to help guide the department as it plans a public amenity we can all enjoy.

A brief meeting is planned this Saturday, July 25, at 9:30 a.m. for people interested in forming a Friends of the Park group. We will meet for coffee at the Panera Bread Company, 2100 Henderson Mill Road, near the Publix grocery store. The purpose of this meeting is to start an email list, fill out the application to send to ParkPride, and provide orientation materials to people interested in participating in Friends of the Park. An organizational meeting for the group will be held some time in August.

RSVP for this Saturday’s meeting by filling out the contact form.

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