Monthly Archives: December 2014

Core drilling

Core drilling took place on Thursday to test the soil in the forest. Samples were taken from several places on the property to determine whether the soil can support building and whether there is a significant granite deposit under the surface.


Soil testing taking place

Soil testing has begun on the Cathey property. A bulldozer has cut paths through the forest today so that core drilling can take place to determine soil composition on the property.

The purpose of soil testing is to understand the conditions of the soil on which one intends to build. It is generally required to obtain building permits.

One of the paths is visible from Amberwood Drive:


The scar from the bulldozer is in the center of this photo. Here is a photo taken a few days ago of the same area from a slightly different angle:


There is also a bulldozer path leading from Briarlake Road onto the tract on the east side of Briarlake Road:


There has been no activity on the third tract so far.

We will continue to monitor activity and provide updates as more information becomes available.