We’re stronger together

In just a few short weeks the Briarlake Community Forest Alliance pulled together resources from twelve neighborhoods and made a difference in the rezoning process last fall. The proposal to rezone the property for cluster homes was withdrawn by the developer. We obtained expert legal representation and we worked hard to prepare for several meetings with Commissioner Rader and others in DeKalb County government.

The rezoning process is fraught with complexities that place citizen groups at a disadvantage. The services of a qualified attorney with years of experience navigating this process has made up for this disadvantage so that the playing field has been closer to being level.

Now we are facing a different kind of complexity in the permitting process. The developer has started the application process to obtain the necessary permits to create a residential subdivision under the current R-100 zoning category.

Because county procedures tend to favor developers, citizen groups who oppose development face an uphill battle – even though the Comprehensive Plan encourages preserving greenspace, and even though this part of the county is currently underserved with regard to greenspace.

Historically there are examples in the metro Atlanta area where conservation-minded groups have rescued forests from development, and this is what we hope to achieve here. The historical cases include some astonishing legal, political and financial maneuvers. We are doing our best and appreciate the depth of experience our attorney brings to this situation.

Your support will ensure that our interests continue to be represented. Show your love for this forest by donating today.

Please send a check made out to Briarlake Community Forest Alliance to the following address:

John Williams, Assistant Treasurer
1921 Breckenridge Drive, N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30345

Briarlake Community Forest Alliance, Inc. is a Georgia non-profit corporation.

The process for obtaining 501(c)3 federal tax-exempt status takes several months. BCFA is working towards the goal of achieving tax-exempt status so that your donations can eventually be tax deductible. We believe that the expert legal representation we have obtained merits your consideration and appreciate your patience as we navigate two byzantine processes simultaneously.

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