County Commissioners

The forest is located in District 2 at the western border of District 1. Citizens affected by the proposed development live in both districts. The forest is also located in Super District 7. Here are the names and addresses of your county commissioners:

District 1 Vacant
District 2 Jeff Rader 404-371-2863
Super District 7 Stan Watson 404-371-3681

One thought on “County Commissioners

  1. Elizabeth Ingram

    I just happened to drive by my forest (not my usual route for errands), and I was horrified to see the signs. I had long dreaded the day when those signs would come, but I knew it would eventually come to this — we locals fighting against the developers for the last hold-out of nature. My children & I have played around that forest & hiked in it . I spent hours one day sketching my favorite tree, the huge beech tree. I also used the forest for a photo assignment when I took photography at Ga State. Watching our trees ( and they are ours ) be torn down leaves an ache in my heart that loves nature.


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